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Name: Florence 


Year group: Year 6


Interests/hobbies in school: Helping in the library, Knit and Stitch club, Touch type club and being a buddy, art. 


Interests/hobbies out of school: Dancing, cooking, singing.


Favourite subject in school: Art.


Favourite memory of school:


Favourite book: Charlie and the chocolate factory.


Favourite food: Chocolate spread and sausages, but not together!


Favourite animal: Tortoise.


Why you became a Leading Lights: I wanted to help lead the worship in school.


What do you enjoy about Leading Lights: Feeling that I am part of a team.


What is your role in Leading Lights: My role is Gather and Send.


What do you love about RE: I love learning about work that Jesus did and it helps me to think about what I do in my life.


What do you love about worship: Being able to sing with the school family.


Why is Leading Lights a good team to be part of: Others listen to your ideas, you feel that you being, everyone is friendly and we work together.


Video Resource Centre Parent View