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Update on the chicks!

Year 1 have had a really exciting couple of weeks.  The first egg hatched on Monday night, and our first tiny chick greeted us when we arrived at school on Tuesday.  The children examined all the other eggs still in the incubator, and found that many had pipped, and a few were beginning to crack!

Everybody was amazed to see the tiny beaks poking out through the shells, and loved listening to their noisy cheeping coming from inside.  Some of the children were lucky enough to witness the miracle of new life, as they saw a chick bursting out of its shell.  We loved watching as the wet, bedraggled, helpless little chicks began to dry and to fluff up in the incubator. 

Our first three chicks were named Spring, Daffodil and Ginger.  They were quickly followed by 12 more, and the children have all had a wonderful 10 days getting to know them and learning to handle them safely and appropriately.  We've been amazed at the speed they're changing, and can almost see the feathers growing before our eyes.  We've learnt how to look after the chicks, how they need chick crumb to eat, water to drink, heat to keep warm, and sawdust to kick around. Have a look at some of our gorgeous pictures in the gallery and the video on the Year 1 page!
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