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Our Vision

At St John’s we aim to develop every child’s physical literacy and to encourage them to be active and healthy individuals and to develop a love of sport and physical activity that will last throughout their lives. PE allows children to improve their emotional well-being, develop social skills as well as leadership and co-operation abilities. It also allows pupils to develop cognitive skills that are beneficial throughout life such as decision-making, analytical skills and coping with loss and achievement all within a safe and learning based environment. At St. John’s we believe that PE should be inclusive no matter the age, ability or background of any child and as such we offer a wide range of traditional and non-traditional sports, both as part of our curriculum and as lunch-time or after school clubs. In this way we aim to ensure that all children are engaging in an active lifestyle during their time at school and are given every opportunity to learn and develop sports skills.


Every year group receives 1 indoor and 1 outdoor PE session a week in which basic skills are taught and practised before being applied in game situations. We offer a progressive curriculum in which children are given time to explore and practise these skills, revisiting them again in each year group.

In Years 3-5 we offer swimming at the local Sports Centre and aim for most children to be able to swim 25m by the end of their sessions in Year 5. Year 5 and 6 receive OAA (Outdoor Adventurous Activities) as part of their PE curriculum as our school grounds have been mapped and tagged to provide a range of different orienteering activities.



Competition is an important part of PE and sport and fosters good sportsmanship and respect. Children are offered both intra-school (in school) and inter-school (between other schools) opportunities for competition. We have also, on occasion, been involved in some county level competition where children have shown a particular talent for a sport. All children are entitled to experience playing as part of a team no matter their ability. We regularly take part in competitive sports and ‘have a go’ competitions run by the local sports partnership.



Every child is expected to participate in all PE sessions. If a child cannot take part due to sickness or injury then the class teacher must receive a letter from the child’s parents/guardians. 


If a child has forgotten their kit then spare clothes will be found wherever possible. If a child continues to forget their PE kit then a letter is sent home to notify parents/guardians of this. We have a ‘whatever the weather’ policy and endeavour to take the children out for physical activity no matter what the weather.



KS2 (Year 3 – Year 6) – A coloured house t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms and warm tracksuit jumper, waterproof jacket, shorts, trainers and plimsolls for indoor sports.


KS1 and Early Years (Reception – Year 2) – A plain white t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms and warm tracksuit jumper, waterproof jacket, shorts, trainers and plimsolls for indoor sports.


All items of PE clothing should be dark blue or black.


Please ensure all kit is named, we can then re-unite items with their owners!

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