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Sex Education

Relationship and Sex Education is taught sensitively and carefully at St John’s. Our aim is to provide our children with the necessary information they need in a safe and secure environment. We want all children leaving St John’s to have a good understanding of how to form and maintain strong relationships and provide them with the appropriate tools to enable them to continue this important education as they make their way in the world.
We have adopted a whole school approach with each year group having a Relationship and Sex Education scheme of work that is age appropriate and builds upon the previous year’s learning. The scheme of work has been designed by teachers at St John’s so it provides a tailored approach and work is relevant to our pupils.
Relationship and Sex Education is taught with the class teacher, ground rules are set at the beginning of each session.
To provide effective learning in this area, communication and partnership with parents is paramount. Whilst teachers may answer most of the questions that arise in a sensitive and considered approach, we may feel it necessary to refer children to their parents in some instances. Teachers will follow normal safeguarding procedures if children disclose anything to them during the course of the RSE lesson.
Our Relationship and Sex Education policy is available to view on request.  Relationship and Sex Education is not a statutory part of the curriculum and parents may wish to remove their child/ren from this area. We do ask that you discuss your feelings with Mr Turvey before coming to any decision. The video materials used in Years 5 and 6 are available to view on request also.
Video Resource Centre Parent View