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Transfer to Secondary

Transfer to Secondary School


Children at St. John's transfer to a wide variety of secondary schools at the end of Year 6.  The majority of children go to local grammar schools, wide-ability schools or church comprehensive schools in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge.  Some parents choose to send their children to comprehensive schools in East Sussex. 

During the summer term of Year 5 we undertake a series of assessments of children's abilities. These involve nationally standardised tests, assessments of children's creative writing, etc. Together with teachers' assessments of children's work, these are used as the basis for the school's recommendation to parents, as to the most suitable type of secondary education for each child.  We take a great deal of time and care with this assessment process and try to ensure that parents are fully aware of the reasons behind the school's recommendations.    The Kent tests are standardised  reasoning, English and mathematics tests and creative writing and they are taken in the September of year 6.  

Meetings are made available with the year 5 class teachers for those parents who are considering whether their child should sit the Kent Test.  The assessment results are shared and also the class teacher gives their opinion on whether the standard of class work reflects that of a grammar school.  Dates of these meetings are confirmed later in the year. 


If Parents wish their child to be considered for a place at a grammar school, they must register them in July for the Kent Test.  If applying online, the process tends to be easier and the results are usually received a day earlier.  Please ensure the correct school is chosen as there is also a St John's School in Sevenoaks.


For children who took the Kent Test and are applying for intake into secondary school in September 2018

If you registered online, KCC will email your results on 12 October 2017 after 4pm. They cannot guarantee the exact time you will receive your email as this will depend on your email service provider.  You can also log in after 5pm on 12 October 2017 to view your child's Kent Test results.  If you need to reset your password you must use the email address you registered with.  You will also be able to choose whether you wish to view your child’s standardised scores. 

If you did not register for the test online you will need to contact your teacher at school from 13 October.


For all Year 6 children

For more information please look on the Kent County Council website - there is a link at the top of the Admissions page.   To see the 'Admission to Secondary School in Kent 2018' booklet,  please click on this link -  'read our guide to secondary school applications'.

Parents are offered the opportunity to talk to an independent choice adviser, in addition to their primary school teachers and headteacher.  Click on the KCC link at the top of the Admissions page for more information.

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