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Charging for School Activities

  Charging Policy    

The Governors' policy for all school activities which require voluntary funding, including school residential and day visits, swimming, art and craft, cooking etc., is that parents are informed of the cost and invited to make a voluntary contribution to the school fund.


Your child will not be barred from any such activity because you cannot, or will not, contribute. However, in the event of insufficient funds either being available or offered for a particular activity, we reserve the right to cancel that activity.  If you would like some help with meeting the cost of an activity or need to arrange a payment plan please contact the Head Teacher, Mr Turvey.  Individual or small group musical tuition, including the hire of instruments, are not part of the syllabus, and may incur charges.


Parents may be asked for recompense where damage is caused by a child. Breakage or damage to school property or the loss of books may incur a charge equal to the cost of repair or replacement.