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Term 5 Activities for home learning

Please click the links below to see the updated home learning tasks. 

The tasks may be reading, writing or a practical activity which is related to the different areas of the curriculum.

For year 1 our weekly expectations would be:

10 minutes of reading daily

4 x 15 minute sessions of writing

4 x 15 minute sessions of Maths

2 x 30 minutes of exercise

1 x 20 minute topic/science based exploration learning

1 x 20 minute Art/DT sessions


These are entirely flexible and up to you as a family. Please adjust this to meet the needs of your child. These timings are just a suggestion.

You could spend the day doing other craft/physcal activities such as cooking, building a fort and making your own games. These will have areas of learning in such as reading, exercise and Maths. A list of ideas to try can be found here


Most importantly, have fun and we hope you enjoy spending time together as a family.


From Mrs Holbrow, Mrs Ross, Miss Wellington, Ms Chappell and Mrs Reid.




Eggciting news!!


Mrs Reid has taken the eggs home and has been looking after them. She managed to capture a video of one of the eggs hatching! We are looking forward to finding out about the eggs that have hatched!


Please watch the video here:

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