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A message from Miss Kuczera:

"Hello my lovely group, we have just started our division journey, but you have already showed your amazing hard work and amazing understanding. Believe me, your teachers fell off their chairs when they saw your work. Don’t tell anyone, but I am still sleeping with a smile on my face when I think about your progress in maths. Keep practising every day!"


More division with no remainders


18 ÷ 3 =


Emily’s, Jasmine’s, Arhum’s, Josh’s, Kieron’s & Patsy’s method:

Theo’s method:

 Hmm…                3 x __ = 18

 I know that         3 x 6   = 18

 The answer is 6   

So you can use an inverse


You can also use a multiplication square - click on these to make them bigger:


If you want, you can email me (Miss Kuczera) the answer.

For attempting the task – 1 virtual sticker

For one method – 2 virtual stickers

For two methods – 3 virtual stickers

(hint- our methods are bus stop and partitioning)



Video Resource Centre Parent View