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Dear Year 6,


As with all the learning and tasks, please make sure that you are fitting in what you can when you can. There is no expectation that you will have time to do absolutely everything. 


This week we will be revising learning from previous year groups on subjunctive verbs.


There is a revision video for you in the grammar zaps folder (see link below). 

Once you have watched the video, work through the Powerpoint to help you understand how the follow on tasks will work.


I have found tasks that work in the same way as the maths tasks so you are familiar with the question types and layout. This will help you choose the right level of challenge for you.



1 chilli  questions 1-4 

2 chilli questions 5-8

3 chilli questions 9-12


There are opportunities to practice by doing more or move yourself on more quickly if you are feeling confident.

Record your answers in your home learning book and mark as you go.


Remember,  grammar is about making a sentence make sense and using the right level of formality.

We have talked about this in our learning before. 


Mrs. R.   Mrs. Coles   Miss Tink   and Mrs. Parish smiley

Video Resource Centre Parent View