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Research Project

Significant individuals from WW2


Research a significant person from World War 2 and write a biography for them.


Your research should consider their role(s) in the war and the impact of their life and work on others.


Identify how the actions/role of your person of choice may had an impact on our lives today.


Your significant person can be from any background, adult or child, male or female.

Examples may include:

War artists, world leaders, code breakers, scientists; role models of any gender, faith or nationality.


This research should be written in your own words and will be printed or photocopied to go in your topic book.


Examples of people you may wish to research – some are well known for their wartime impact, others have unexpected wartime stories.


Winston Churchill               Adolf Hitler

Ernest Hemingway             Neville Chamberlain

Coco Chanel                      Alan Turing

Anne Frank                       Eileen Nearne

Henry Moore                    Susan Travers

Glenn Miller                      Joan Clarke


You may of course choose more than one person if you are finding it hard to choose 😊 .

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