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Year 6 Homework Timetable




Due in Wednesday


Lunchtime Homework club


 English - GPS

Due in Thursday


Topic based research


Lunchtime Homework club



Due in Friday


English - Reading

Due in Monday



The children also have Spuddy, times tables, division facts and reading.

English Homework


Tuesday homework – due in Thursday (per the homework timetable)

This will be focussed on Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling.

Tuesday homework for Term 1 and 2 will be to practise their individual (self selected) spelling lists.


The children have been embedding the new SPUDDY spelling strategies over the last few weeks in class. They have developed their own spelling games have been hugely creative and these have been very well received by their peers. Please do continue to encourage them to learn their spellings in as creative a way as possible. They can of course use their English Homework Book to record their spelling practice activities if they wish. We will know if they have practised or not from the results of their tests and the improvements to spelling in their written work but we are more than happy to look at their practise work if they would like us to.


Friday homework - due Monday

This will now start to shift over to a reading comprehension style piece of work. This will often be linked to other curriculum areas of study such as Science and Topic allowing the children to apply taught skills across all aspects of their learning.


Maths Homework


Monday homework – due in Wednesday (per the homework timetable)

This will be mastery questions on the focus area of curriculum study. This homework is self selected i.e. the children choose which aspect of their learning requires more practise to secure and make an activity choice based on this reflection. The mastery tasks are designed to add depth to children’s prior learning and allow them to make learning links. The tasks are available at differentiated levels.


Thursday homework - 

To practise their number facts and inverse operations mentally and to time. This is to ensure that they are able to manipulate number (especially times tables) at speed as part of lengthier arithmetic calculations. We recommend that they practise both on paper and (with parent/carer permission) on the following site:


The children love the timed element of self selected challenges and attempting to beat their own scores. Practising little and often is the ideal; again the children can use the laptops in homework clubs to practise should they wish/need to. This homework is ongoing and the children should record their dated scores in their Homework Book. 


This homework may be supplemented with additional arithmetic practice activities as need is identified through marking.



Any questions please email class teachers directly as we are more than happy to clarify any confusion that the children (or you) may have.