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Inclusion Day 2018

On Friday 15th June the whole school took part in our first ever annual Inclusion Day. We had some wonderful outside speakers including Al Carter from the Chailey Heritage Foundation, pupils from Valence School and two assistance dogs from Canine Partners.


During the day we took part in activities designed to help us gain a greater understanding of what it might be like for children who struggle to see, hear or move. The children really enjoyed all the wonderful activities from painting with their mouth and feet, blind-tasting food, guessing the sounds and climbing the clamber stack blindfold, to mention just a few.


Two of our own amazing pupils also helped us to understand more about our school values of Inclusivity and Empathy, and we would like to say a special thanks to Lily in year 6 and George in year 2, our very own ‘superheroes!’

We heard some amazing things...

"I learned about Canine Partners and what they teach the dogs to do. It's amazing and cool!"

Scarlett - Year 4


"I'm impressed with the dogs, they are awesome!" Callum - Year 6

We tried lots of activities to help us understand what it might be like to have difficulty with seeing, hearing or moving. We tried hard to empathise...

"I have learnt to trust others to guide me safely." Bo - Year 5


"Not being able to see is really hard without a guide!" Macy - Year 3


"It was hard, by dipping my toes in paint I kept knocking the paint pots over" Lilia - Year R


"It was alright with someone helping me. On my own I'd be bumping into stuff." Lawrence - Year 1


"It's hard to use my other hand to draw because it goes wobbly." Blake - Year 2

We met pupils from Valence School; we played a game called bocchia and asked them lots of questions.

"I loved being able to meet people who find things tricky that we don't. It makes me think how difficult life can be." Emma - Year 6


"Meeting with the girls in the power chairs was fun. They are really nice. I think they have a good school" Sam - Year 3


"There are different types of schools that help children with disabilities. It's a really good thing." Zephyr - Year 6


"I liked that St John's children looked past the disabilities and asked their questions about their interests in general" Mrs Geaney

We even had a go at learning some sign language.

"I have learned that blind people learn a special language to communicate. Guide dogs can help with every day tasks." Daisy - Year 5


"People who are blind can struggle and I have learned empathy." Milly - Year 5

Year 6 visit to Chailey Heritage Foundation
We would like to say a huge Thank you to all our visitors from Canine Partners, Valence School and Chailey Heritage Foundation!