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Lily H

Hi, I’m Lily and I've just become a Leading Light here at St. John's School. I really wanted to be a Leading Light because I like responsibilities. I am very excited about my duties around school. The reflective areas, assemblies, the school website and even the weekly newsletter. I am also excited about earning my bronze, silver and gold stars as a Leading Light. I am very proud to have been chosen to be a Leading Light and hope that I can carry out all of my duties.

About me
I’m 10 years old. I had an operation in 2012 to remove a brain tumour causing me to lose some of my eyesight. Now I am on quite a few medications and I am ¾ blind. I have no sight in one eye and tunnel vision in the other. However, I get along very well and have lots of talents and hobbies. I like art, reading, writing, cubs and many other things. I live at home with my Mum, Dad and my 8-year-old brother, Rufus, also at this school. I also have 2 cats named Severin and Bill. They are twin boys, both 7 years old and I have had them since I was 3 and have always loved them. I have 11 cousins, 2 grannies and one grandpa. I am ¼ Irish and ¾ English.

Fun facts about me
My favourite colour is turquoise although I also like purple.
My favourite meal is Spaghetti Bolognaise.
My lucky numbers are 2 and 100.
My favourite animal is a rabbit but I also love cats.
When I’m older I want to be an artist, a teacher or an author.
I love lots of Pop artists such as, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and loads more.
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