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This week's Maths learning is about fractions. We're going to revise and consolidate our learning from earlier in the year. smiley


Use the "Let's Learn" PowerPoint to remind yourself how to tackle this area.


There are then two linked tasks:

1. Fluency questions - these ones help to develop your understanding of the concept

2. Reasoning and Problem Solving - these take your learning deeper. Read the questions carefully to understand what is being asked.


Each task has 3 levels of challenge, like we would have in the classroom. The first page is like the "one chilli" task, the second page is like the "two chilli" task and the third page is like the "three chilli" task. Choose the one that works best for you - use the final page when you've finished to check your answers.


If you're feeling super confident with this area of learning, use the link below to visit the Maths Zap page to choose an activity that would work best to support your learning. smiley
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