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Here you will find:

Fluent in Five

Flashback 4

Rapid Reasoning 

Arithmetic paper


We suggest you do the arithmetic paper on day one. The answers are included.

If there are any that you find particularly challenging, record these in your purple book or as part of your reflection - we can look at these together when we are back smiley

You can always email us as well. We will check our emails when we can during the school day.


For the reminder of the week, we suggest you do one Fluent in Five, one Flashback 4 and one Rapid Reasoning page per day. You will find the answers included in each so that you can self-mark. 

Each of these challenges are based on previous learning - try to think about all the knowledge you have (you have LOADS) and use this to help you. Don't forget you can use resources to solve some of the questions practically. Think about the different ways you can solve the question - could you draw or use bar models?


DON'T FORGET: HIGHLIGHTERS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND. Just think, 'What would Mr Bradbeer or Miss Ransom say?' 


If you have time after these, check out TRANSUM starter of the day.


Click on today's date for the daily problem. These are more challenging problems but they do give you some top tips! 

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