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Dear Year 4,

I do hope this finds both you & your families well and making the most of your time at home.

If you would like to further your music learning, I’ve set up a unit of work for you on Charanga.  The unit is called ‘Blackbird’ by The Beatles and is a song about civil rights.

Charanga Login

You will need a login & password.  Please ask a parent to email me ( for these.



  1. Listen to a different Listen and Appraise song each time, starting with Blackbird. Talk about the music using the questions as a guide.
  2.   Pick either the Warm-up Games or Flexible Games Track and find the pulse (the heartbeat of the music) by marching around, or copy the rhythms (long and short sounds) by clapping the patterns back. Copy back the riffs. If you don’t have an instrument, sing the pitches back to ‘La’.
  3.  Listen to Sing the Song and then join in, a verse at a time. When you feel ready use the ‘backing only’ and be the singing stars! Can you follow the shape of the pitch (high and low sounds) with your hand?
  4. Create your own patterns for Improvise with the Song, each pattern should last for four counts (beats) to fill the gap. Can you try singing your own riffs as well?
  5. Compose with the Song. To start, choose a five-note set and use the blocks to create your rhythm. Explore different ways of making bars with up to 4 beats in. Can you try writing them with musical notes on the rhythm stave? You can then change the pitch of the notes by moving them up and down?
  6.  Perform - record your performance. What can you do to make it even better?
  7. The Beatles were a huge influence on the music of the 20th century. Why not do some research about them. You could make a PowerPoint, or a big poster. Look at their music, their clothing or their influences.



You will also find that you have access to ‘Blown Away Recorder 1’ so you can use this if you have your recorder at home.

You also have access to some songs you can sing either by yourself, with friends over technology or with your families.


How to work at home:

I am aware that often in our music lessons, we work collaboratively, in pairs/groups.  I am very happy for you to team up with a friend or two (via technology) if this would help you/be more fun!  I know what a creative bunch you all are and cannot wait to hear the results of your work.  Do feel free to email me if you have any questions or just to let me know how you are getting on. Awaiting those videos/songs.   

Keep safe & use your time well.                  Mrs Geaney 😊

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