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Church of England Primary School

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Our A-Team netball squad have had a fantastic match season. They have all shown great determination, enthusiasm and sportsmanship.


At the end of the matches, some schools choose a player of the match. Well done to Lucy, Makar and Paige for being selected!


Their results have been as follows;


St John's 9 - 0 Southborough  (win!)

St John's 3 - 0 Southborough  (win!)

St John's 6 - 3 Claremont       (win!)

St John's 4 - 1 Claremont       (win!)

St John's 0 - 6 Langton Green

St John's 5 - 4 Langton Green (win!)

St John's 0 - 12 St James'

St John's 0 - 16 St James'


Well done A-Team!


Emma Taylor
Class Teacher
St John's CE Primary School