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SEND Advice and Strategies

Children's Speech and Language Therapy have a new video on the Therapies website ( called ‘A guide to generalising speech sounds’.  This takes parents/school staff through the stages between a child being able to use a new sound in words in a structured session up to spontaneous speech and has lots of clips of an SLT using the strategies with a child. 


Within the Speech Sounds section there are lots of helpful resources  including:

  • Online workshop which covers how sounds are made, how they develop and recommendations for supporting them at home. 
  • Minimal pairs video demonstrating how to use this approach.
  • Phonological awareness video demonstrating lots of activities which develop PA skills
  • Top tips for speech video.
  • Cued articulation video which demonstrates lots of the cued artic signs.
  • Access to the EY speech screen tool which parents and settings can use to see if their child would benefit from a referral.
Video Resource Centre Parent View