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Suggested Timings

Year 3 Home Learning – Suggested Timings

Please see below the suggested timings and recommended activities for Year 3. We understand that this is a difficult and uncertain time for parents having to educate children at home. This is a starting point for you and no one has to complete everything, just do what you can manage at home.


Daily Activities

• 20 minutes reading

• 20 minutes times table practice

• 20 minutes spelling or grammar task

• 30 minutes physical activity



There will be 1 extended writing task per week that should be written and edited. It would be good to spread this out over the course of the week and ensure the children edit as they write.



There will be 1 reading comprehension task per week. The children can complete this in one sitting or answer a couple of questions each day.



There will be 3 tasks per week that should take 20-30 minutes each. Please see PowerPoint attached for children to work through and follow.



There will be a range of options for weekly project-based tasks that children can choose from and complete.



There will be links and optional ideas to promote mindfulness and wellbeing each day.


Other Subjects

We have created a range of tasks and projects that there is no expectation to complete. Please have a look at the Music, RE, Art, French and History pages for further information.

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