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Suggested timings


Dear Year 6,


The 'suggested timings' document (below) has been set up to give you an idea of how long to spend on each area of learning across your whole week.


We have set it out in a timetable format just like the one you use at school. You can download  and alter it as you need to so that it works for your whole family. The idea is that you develop a routine for your week  that you can all manage. The way you organise your week is likely to end up looking very different for each family and that is fine. 


Remember these are very unusual times!


  • There is no expectation that you will all be able to do everything! Mr. Turvey has emailed this to your parents and carers already and we totally agree with what he says.
  • It is entirely up to you how you organise your learning time across the week.
  • What ever you can achieve is to be recorded in your Home-learning Books so that we can celebrate your achievements when we are all back together.
  • The blue font on the timetable shows you which activities are optional. This means that you can choose which of the activities to do and (if you can fit them in) for how long. 


Please email us if you are unsure of anything using the class email address.


Time to shine you independent learners!


Mrs. R. Mrs. Coles and Miss Tink smiley



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