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w/c 23.03.20

Pre Easter Holidays learning in Year 1 – Home tasks




Start writing your twice-weekly diary. Use the writing prompt on the website and don’t forget your sequencing language (such as first, next, finally) and conjunctions ( and, so, but, because).

Remember adjectives always make writing more interesting and add detail! It is important to enjoy your writing and not make it a chore, you can always come back to it later and do a bit more.


Read your storybooks. Can you think of any other rhyming words after reading this online book about a little dog:


Practise counting in tens. Use the counting in tens worksheet (in the home pack) to support you with this.

How many number bonds to 16 can you find? Use counters (eg cereal, lego blocks or buttons) to help you with this such as 14 + 2 = 16. How many others can you find? How do your bonds to 6 help you with this?


Begin to think about what animal you would like to make a habitat for. Do they live in a hot or cold climate? Is it near the equator? Does it live in the countryside or by a river? Does it live on soil or vegetation? Does it live on a hill?

Use a piece of paper to plan your ideas and write a list of materials that you will need. Items around the house will do such as cotton wool, carrier bags, cardboard and bottles.


Have a go at this animal quiz! Can you be a whizz?


Can you stay in the line with our mindfulness colouring? Challenge yourself so that no two same colours are next to each other.


There are some other tasks in the documents below that your child may like to try independently such as a word search or finding different ways to show a number.

See the resources below that you may need for this week:

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