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w/c 30.03.20 & w/c 13.04.20

Year 1 home learning tasks

w/c 30.3.20 until 01.03.20 and then for 16.4.20 and 17.4.20



Continue writing your twice-weekly diary. Use the writing prompts on the website and don’t forget your sequencing language (such as first, next, finally) and conjunctions ( and, so, but, because).

Remember adjectives always make writing more interesting and add detail! It is important to enjoy your writing and not make it a chore, you can always come back to it later and do a bit more.


Read your storybooks, visit the Collins Big Cat website (see reading resources) and read 3 of books. Which one was your favourite and why? Draw a picture of your favourite scene from one of the books and caption it.


Explore capacity using the language of full, half full, nearly full, empty, nearly empty. Can you order 3 different containers with different amounts of liquid inside? Can you order them from least full to the most full? If you have a short wide container, does that hold more than a tall thin container?

Can you explore the capacity of different objects around your house such as cups, bowls, pencil pots and your sink! You can explore capacity with liquids or solids such as water, buttons and beans!

See the Maths sessions to supporth this (under resources)


Build your animal habitat using your plans and materials. Are you able to follow your plan exactly or are you having to change it as you go? What have you changed? What part have you found the easiest to create? What part have you found the hardest and why?

Take your time with this , when you've built the structure you could decorate it for your chosen animal. You could use camouflage so that it blends in or add other features you think the animal may need such as a space for water.


Watch the videos on the different types of animals and then have a go at the quizzes at the end. These will help to recap your learning on amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and fish.


Reptiles -

Fish -

Birds -

Amphibians -

Mammals -


Can you create your own Easter card? What design can you think of? How are you going to do it? What resources will you need?

You could look at painted eggs, creative chick images or other Easter inspired ideas.


Please also look at the suggested PE activities below.

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