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Jotun the Viking

Your writing focus over the next 3 weeks will follow the story of Jotun the Viking.


Watch the following video:


Before you start, you will need to decide who Jotun is – is he the young son who sets off from the village? The old warrior who sends his son on the journey? Or is he the Viking warrior in the flashback of the battle that we see? You might want to draw a story map to help you. 


Each week you will be given a paragraph planner which has stills from the video on it along with some ideas to help you write. Each paragraph planner will also include a few sentences to help you start if you are feeling stuck. You can stop writing the paragraph when you get to the last image on the paragraph planner.


Each week you may need to re-watch the video and pause it/rewind parts to help you write your paragraphs. 


This week we have attached paragraph planners 1 and 2.

Don't forget to spend some time editing your writing as you go. We have attached a helpful sheet to help remind you what to look for when you are editing.


Enjoy your writing and we look forward to sharing any stories you have written when we return to school. 

First Paragraph Planner

Second Paragraph Planner

Editing help. Read through this helpful sheet to assist you when editing your first 2 paragraphs.

Helpful mats. Here you will find word choices if you are stuck, fronted adverbials and some words to help you with your spellings.

Video Resource Centre Parent View