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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.

Admission Arrangements



Currently 90 children are admitted into our three Reception classes.


If your child was born between 1 September 2013  and 31 August 2014 they are due to start in Reception in September 2018.  


For children starting school in September 2018 we have arranged some presentations and tours of the school during the Autumn term.  These visits take place on various mornings and afternoons and can be arranged by contacting Mrs. Barnett, our Admissions Manager by emailing  or Tel: 678980 Ext. 206, to make an appointment.  The visits are primarily for parents as there is a half hour sit down presentation followed by a tour of the school.  However if you have problems with childcare you are welcome to bring your child with you.  When booking a visit, we will require to know whether 1 or both parents will be attending, an email address and a contact phone number.


The final dates available during the autumn and spring term are as follows:-


Wednesday, 29th November at 9.15 am - Full


Friday, 12th January at 2.00 pm - places available


Places are limited so please contact Mrs Barnett (details above) to book your place.  Please arrive promptly for the tour as the presentation will start at the time stated.  The presentation and tour of the school lasts about an hour and we book up to 10 couples per session.


If you would like your child to come to St. John’s, the first thing to do is to complete a expression of interest (Year R) form so that we can add you to our list of prospective parents.  This will ensure that full details of the admissions procedure will be sent to you in the Autumn preceding the academic year, in which your child is due to start school.

Please return the expression of interest form to Mrs Barnett together with an original copy of your child’s birth certificate, which will be returned to you immediately.  If you are unable to download the form please contact the school office.

Requests for admission to Reception outside of the normal age group should be made to the Headteacher of each preferred school as early as possible in the admissions round associated with that child’s date of birth. This will allow the school and admissions authority sufficient time to make a decision before the closing date. Parents are not expected to provide evidence to support their request to defer their application, however where provided it must be specific to the child in question. This might include medical or Educational Psychologist reports. There is no legal requirement for this medical or educational evidence to be secured from an appropriate professional, however, failure to provide this may impede a school’s ability to agree to deferral. Parents are required to complete an application for the normal point of entry at the same time, in case their request is declined. This application can be cancelled if the school agrees to accept a deferred application for entry into Year R the following year. Deferred applications must be made via paper RCAF to the LA, with written confirmation from each named school 5 attached. Deferred applications will be processed in the same way as all applications for the cohort in the following admissions round, and offers will be made in accordance with each school’s oversubscription criteria. Further advice is available at


The deadline for admissions for children starting in Reception from September 2017 is January 16 2017.  The online registration and application on KCC website is open from 7 November 2016. 

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Alternatively, ring, email ( or come in and talk to Mrs. Barnett. 

Kent County Council's Contact Centre: 03000 41 21 21 - ask for Primary Admissions or email

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