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Design Technology

At St John’s C E Primary School we aim to provide our children with opportunities to develop their designing, making and evaluating skills through a variety of projects and activities.  The children learn skills that help them to understand how design and technology is relevant to everyday life.  This includes learning about cooking and developing the skills that help them to produce food.   They learn how to use tools in a safe environment and how to join different materials together. 


At Key Stage 1 children begin to learn their skills with projects that link to class topics.  They use junk modelling to help build prototypes, but also learn how to join materials together using a range of methods including cool glue guns.  Projects are linked to class learning to give them meaning and purpose. They learn to strengthen, reinforce, build structures, construct simple moving parts, and develop cooking skills.  


In Key Stage Two, children continue to develop their skills by following more specific design briefs, designing to the brief and developing/improving their designs as they discover what works best.  They learn to use a wider variety of tools to cut join and reinforce their work.  They learn to evaluate their projects against the design brief.  They continue to develop cooking skills linking their learning with healthy eating units in science. 

Video Resource Centre Parent View