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At St John’s we take great pride in our music learning.  Over the course of their time with us, every child will be immersed in a rich variety of playing, composing, performing and evaluation of music.  Their experience is drawn from a very wide range of musical stimulus and genres from serious classical composers, to up-to-date contemporary music.  


Every child who comes to St John’s has the opportunity to learn to play no less than four instruments.  Ocarina (Year 3), descant recorder (Year 4), ukulele (Year 5) and guitar (Year 6).   They develop basic skills during their time in EYFS and Key Stage One, building on these firm foundations throughout Key Stage 2. 


Children regularly perform their work in assemblies and music plays a key role in all the performing arts productions, concerts and services that take place during the year.  All of these draw from and build on the skills and experiences developed during lessons.


Music Teaching and Learning


In EYFS, teachers look to develop basic musical skills through songs, rhymes and exposure to different musical instruments.  They encourage children to experiment with rhythm patterns, develop simple melodies and sing a variety of simple, topic related songs which develop children’s listening skills and vocal intonation.


In Key Stage One and Two, teachers use Music Express resources to help plan and deliver the Music curriculum.  It helps build continuity and progression of skills across the school.  This is supplemented with whole class instrument teaching in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 as well as other opportunities to compose that link to control technology, e.g. basic sequencing. 


Extra-Curricular Activities


The Junior Choir continues to go from strength to strength, not only developing children’s singing skills, but also building a community of children within the school with a love of music and performance.


School Orchestra


This weekly ensemble involves children from Key Stage 2 who learn and perform pieces at various concerts and services.  Any child learning to play an instrument is welcome to join to play some lovely pieces throughout the year.


Recorder Group


This ensemble of older children build on their prior learning to develop skills playing not only descant records but also tenors and sometimes even bass recorders.  They are a dedicated group that rehearse every week.        






Action songs/rhymes

Joining in with others

Exploring different sounds (Nativity)



Year 1

 Untuned instruments – pitch


Exploring pulse and rhythm 



Year 2

Listen with concentration

Singing, chanting & rhyming

Tuned & untuned instruments

Transcribing & describing

History of Music (Fire of London)

Experiment with sounds (Roald Dahl)

Year 3

Compose/Perform/Graphic Score - Instruments focus

Recognise notes – Singing focus

Ostinatoes - rhytmic and melodic

Singing in 2 parts and rounds


Year 4

Exploring Arrangements

The Class Orchestra



Pitch: high-low

Sound for effect (English)


Year 5

African Drumming

Space Soundscapes



Year 6

WW2 Music

Junk Music

Singing/School Production

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