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Art & Design

At St John’s C E Primary School, we aim to give the children a broad balance of art experience helping them to develop their practical, creative and evaluative skills.  The children are encouraged to engage with art through a wide range of media developing a solid skill base which is built on progressively during their time at the school.  Above all, we want our children to become fascinated with and inspired by art to become the next generation of artists.


In Key Stage 1, children begin their learning journey with a combination of mark making, colour mixing, painting, collage, junk modelling, printing, drawing and sculpture.  They learn to work with clay, create their own images in various media, combine different skills and respond to studying the work of established artists.  They create a variety of two and three dimensional work. They make use of their art book as a record of their learning journey and produce beautiful displays of their work.


In Key Stage 2, children build upon their understanding of different art techniques.  Each unit of work builds a specific skill set to enable the children to produce a wide range of work.   They work in both two and three dimensions and explore their creative ideas alongside developing technique.  They also use their Art Book to record their learning journey as well as producing superb work for displays. All children continue to learn about established artists and their influence upon the world.


Video Resource Centre Parent View