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Teaching & Learning

At St. John’s, we celebrate a diverse school community where all members feel valued. Our school is a fully inclusive community regardless of race, disability, gender, faith and belief and age. 


Many of the methods used are ones you would recognise from your own primary education. Children are expected to learn their tables, are tested regularly on mental arithmetic and are expected to learn spellings. However, we believe that Teaching and Learning should be fun and that we should make it irresistible to our children so that they become lifelong learners who can make a meaningful and worthwhile contribution to the world.

We believe that effective schools encourage all members to continue learning and so our staff all take part in continuing professional development to keep up to date with new developments and research.


The Curriculum

The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum which is designed to match the educational needs of the children with the requirements of the National Curriculum. Teachers have developed a creative approach to their teaching, which aims to make learning irresistible for children.

Learning focusses on the key skills of English, Maths and Computing, with thinking, personal, emotional and social skills interwoven through the learning journey along with the other important elements of the National Curriculum. Cross curricular links make learning more meaningful and interesting. Where areas of the National Curriculum do not fit into the learning journey, they are taught discretely to ensure everything is covered.


Each year group follow learning threads which link different areas of learning.


If you would like further information about the curriculum, please contact the school.

We are currently in the process of reviewing our curriculum. The map below will be updated as plans are developed and finalised throughout the year.

Whole School Map of Learning Threads

Whole School Map of Learning Threads 1
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