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The National Curriculum for Computing states that a high quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. The vision of St John’s School is that every child will leave the school having all the skills required to become active and discerning participants in the digital world. They will be confident users of various forms of digital devices and be able to manipulate data in a range of digital formats. They will have a good understanding of how computing controls real world systems and will be able to write programs to control models of such systems. Further to this, they will be digitally literate and able to present information in a range of digital formats as well as make informed decisions as to the quality of the source of information they have researched. Moreover, they will be able to make informed decisions as to how they present themselves in the digital world and understand the benefits and risks of doing so. This will ensure that every child has the skills required to be an active participant in the constantly changing digital world.


A high quality computing education is a tool for learning and a key factor in raising standards in maths and English.


Further to this, as children become increasingly immersed in a digital world through the use of the internet and online games, their computing education must give them the skills required to express themselves in this digital world as well as be discerning when evaluating digital content.


E-Safety is a large part of the computing curriculum at St John’s. We wholeheartedly believe that children need to learn, from a young age, how to keep themselves safe online. It is our priority that we visit this topic on a termly basis.

Curriculum Overview 2017-2018


Year One Units

iAlgorithm – Digital Literacy
iProgram – Computer Science
iWrite –Information Technology
iSafe – eSafety


Year Two Units

iSafe –  eSafety
iProgram – Information Technology
iPub – 
iSearch – Computer Science
iModel – Digital Literacy


Year Three Units

iProgram – Computer Science
iStimulate – Information Technology
iAlgorithm – Digital Literacy
iSafe – eSafety


Year Four Units

iSafe – eSafety
iProgram – Computer Science
iConnect – Digital Literacy
iData – Information Technology


Year Five Units

iProgram 1 -
iAlgorithm – Information Technology
iWeb - Digital Literacy
iProgram 2 - Computer Science
iSafe – eSafety


Year Six Units

iProgram - Information Technology
iNetwork – Computer Science
iApp – Digital Literacy
iSafe - eSafety

E-Safety Video

Video Resource Centre Parent View