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Reception Admissions 2021-22


If you are applying for a Reception place for September 2021, we have a dedicated web page with all the information you need. Please click on the link below. 

In Year Admissions


If you are interested in applying for an In Year place at St John’s, please click below for further information.

Reception Admissions


At St John’s we admit 90 children each year into our three Reception classes. As a Voluntary Controlled Church School, our admissions arrangements are determined by the Local Authority (Kent County Council). All applications to the school are ranked in order of our admissions criteria, which are summarised below:


  1. Children in Local Authority Care (or previously in Local Authority Care).

  2. Current Family Association (a brother or sister at the school at the time of entry).

  3. Health and Special Access Reasons (children who have a demonstrable and significant need to attend a particular school).

  4. Nearness of the child’s home to the school, measured as a straight line distance.


St John’s does not have a fixed ‘catchment area’. The distance of the last place offered varies from year to year, depending on the number of siblings and on the number of other applicants and their distance from the school. The school is generally oversubscribed and in recent years the distance of the last place offered has been approximately 0.4 to 0.6 of a mile. We do not know in advance what the distance for the next year’s intake will be.


Full details of our admissions criteria can be found in our Admissions Policy.

How do I apply for a Reception place?


If your child was born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017 they are due to start Reception in September 2021. For full details, please visit our Reception Admissions 2021-22 page linked above.


All applications for places must be submitted to Kent County Council, who encourage parents to apply online using this link, although a paper application form is also available. Applications opened on 5th November 2020 and closed on 15th January 2021. There is a final deadline of 9th February 2021 for submitting applications where there is a good reason for their late submission or for making amendments related to house moves. Please contact KCC for further information. Full details of the application process can be found on the KCC website or in the Guide to Primary Applications linked at the bottom of this page. 


Please note that there is no ‘supplementary information form’ to complete as part of the application process for a place at St John’s. Our status as a Church of England school is at the heart of our ethos, but church attendance and faith preference do not form part of our admissions criteria and are not used to prioritise applications.

When can I visit St John’s?


Each year we look forward to welcoming prospective parents to St John's. In normal circumstances we would run our first Open Day for next year's Reception starters in July. The open sessions would then continue at regular intervals throughout the autumn term until the closing date for applications in January.


The safety of our school community is our top priority, however, and this means that we must unfortunately restrict visits to the school at the present time. Working to the government's Covid-19 guidelines, we sadly do not now envisage being able to run any open sessions for prospective parents prior to the application deadline in January. We have put together a Reception video and a number of other resources to give parents an insight into St John's; please visit the Reception Admissions 2021-22 page linked above for full details.


We invite all parents who are interested in a Reception place at St John's, whether this year or in future years, to complete an 'Expression of Interest' form (see further below) so that we can keep you informed of developments.

Where can I find more information?


We hope that you enjoy browsing our website, which has lots of information about all aspects of the school. If you have any queries about joining St John’s, please contact Mrs Taylor in the first instance (details below).


If you are considering an application to St John’s for a Reception place this year or in a future year, you may wish to complete our Expression of Interest form (available below). This is not an application, but will ensure that full details of the admissions procedure are sent to you in the autumn preceding the academic year in which your child is due to start school.

For further information about primary school places in Kent, please visit the Kent County Council admissions page here. You may also wish to read KCC’s 'Guide to Primary School Applications 2021' booklet (below), which provides a comprehensive guide to the application process for parents, as well as information about local schools.

Mrs Catherine Taylor, Admissions Manager
01892 678980 x 206


Kent County Council Primary Admissions team 

03000 41 21 21