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Phonics Learning at St John's

Here at St John’s we are proud to teach Phonics and Early Reading using Supersonic Phonic Friends.









Supersonic Phonic Friends is a child-centered, systematic and synthetic Phonics scheme. It is underpinned with rhythm, rhyme and movement and most importantly, it enables us to teach Phonics in a dynamic and engaging way. Our mastery approach ensures children are able to apply all skills around a spelling; oral blending and segmenting, recognition of the spelling on its own, reading it in a word, reading in different contexts and writing.


Our curriculum is consistent and progressive.

  • Firm Foundations in Reception
  • The Basics 2 and 3 in Reception
  • The Basics 4 in Year 1
  • The Higher Levels – Choose to Use Rules in Year 1
  • The Higher Level – Switch it Spell Sounds in Year 1 and 2


To find out more about how we teach Phonics, please take a look at our Phonics Showcase presentation.

Resourses to help at home:


  • Spelling mats – “We hear the sounds in our words really well, we look at our mats to see and spell.”
  • Tricky Tess mats – “Tricky Tess Time!”
  • Alliterations and Actions