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Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week: 6-10 February 2023


The theme this year was Connect and we launched the week by introducing our new Year 6 Pupil Wellbeing Ambassadors to the rest of the school at special assemblies. During the week we took part in activities in class to think about the theme of connecting and how it can help us and others when we reach out. The week ended with a 'Wear Your Scarf to School' day and we enjoyed linking our scarves to make a huge, long, connecting scarf as a symbol for all the thinking and learning we had done around this theme.



Children's Mental Health Week: 7-11 February 2022


Children's mental health week 2022 was marked in school by introducing Zones of Regulation. The children learned about the four colours (green, blue, yellow and red) and how they relate to feelings of calm, boredom/sadness, excitement/anxiety and anger. In class the children learned to recognise these feelings in both themselves and others. They then focused on how they can learn to manage their own emotions in order to get back to green and be ready for learning. The children were encouraged to work out which strategies work for them personally and how they can begin to regulate for themselves. 

Assemblies were held to introduce the children to the Zones of Regulation and a guide was sent home for parents to use. 

Children's Mental Health Week: 1-5 February 2021


Once again we have marked Children's mental health week both at home and in school. This year the week is titled Express Yourself  and is aimed at encouraging children and young people to talk about their thoughts and feelings. We have planned activities to participate in wherever you are learning whether that is at home or in school, please see the link below for sources of advice and support for parents, pupils and school staff.