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St John’s offers a vibrant curriculum which is designed to inspire a passion for learning. Our goal is to engage and empower children whilst ensuring the skills and requirements of the National Curriculum are covered in a broad and balanced way.


We aim to deliver a curriculum that promotes a positive growth mind-set, which is meaningful and reflects the interests of the children and the world we live in today.


We provide a wide range of enrichment opportunities and ensure children are challenged to build resilience and independence. Lessons are often inquiry based or provide opportunities for higher order thinking and reasoning across all subjects. Children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and make a contribution to the school and wider community.


Each year group follows learning threads which link different areas of learning. Each thread is flexible enough to allow learning to follow the children’s needs and interests; some elements may be taught discretely.


If you would like further information about the curriculum, please contact the school.

•    ”We are currently in the process of reviewing our curriculum in light of the impact of Covid 19. The map below represents our usual curriculum and will be updated as plans are developed and finalised throughout the year. “ 

Learning Threads - Whole School Map






Marvellous me

Following texts and children’s interests

Following texts and children’s interests

Following texts and children’s interests

Year 1

Out of the blue (seaside)

Battle of Hastings

Bonfire Night

Dinosaur Roar

Out of the egg

Great Pet Sale


On my doorstep

Year 2

Roar! (Environment and wild animals)

Ahoy! (Oceans)

Come with me to India

Knights and castles

Bright lights, big city

(Great fire of London)

The Splendiferous world of Roald Dahl

Year 3

Aim High

Finding your way

Rocking through the Ages

The Magnificent Egyptians

Year 4

Changing Landscape



Spotlight on Europe

A place in the sun

Year 5

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation (Anglo Saxons)


Discovery (Space)

Voyages (Vikings)

Trade and Enterprise

Local Study

Year 6

The Journey

Coasts and Islands

The Journey


The Journey