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At St John’s school, our French curriculum is taught throughout KS2 and is designed to foster a strong interest in learning another language in ways that are both stimulating and enriching. We aim to encourage curiosity and courage; children can take risks in their learning whilst feeling supported.


As a school community, we value our cultural diversity, encouraging children to share experiences and knowledge of languages spoken at home. Through the learning of French, we provide children with the confidence to learn another language and foster an interest in other cultures.


Every term, the learning is focused on speaking, listening, learning vocabulary and ultimately constructing sentences. Teachers aim to speak as much as possible in French when giving instructions to make lessons fully immersive. At St John’s our intent is that children are well prepared to embrace learning French and other languages as they begin life in secondary schools.





Year 3

J'apprends le français

(I'm learning French)

Noël (Christmas Traditions)


Les Animaux


Les Légumes 



Les Formes



Petit Chaperon Rouge

(Little Red Riding Hood)

Year 4

Les Glaces


Noël (Christmas Traditions)


Les Jours et Les Mois

(Days and Months)

Les Instruments

(Musical Instruments)

Les Fruits


Je me présente



Year 5

Les Glaces


Noël (Christmas Traditions)

Les Planètes


Quelle est la date?

               (The Date)


Au Café

(At The Cafe)  

Chez Moi

               (At Home)                     

Year 6

Quelle est la date?

              (The Date)

Noël ( Christmas Traditions)

Quel temps fait-il?

            (The Weather)

Chez Moi

               (At Home) 


La Seconde Guerre Mondiale

(World War 2)

Manger et Bouger

( Healthy Lifestyles)