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Online Safety

At St. John’s we believe that online safety is an essential part of safeguarding and we acknowledge our duty to ensure that all learners and staff are protected from potential harm online. We recognise that the internet and associated devices, such as computers, tablets, mobile phones and games consoles, are an important part of everyday life. We believe it is important for learners to be empowered to build resilience and to develop strategies to manage and respond to risk online.

For information about Safeguarding please click the link below:

Safer Internet Day 2022

Safer Internet Day is a day celebrated worldwide that aims to heighten the importance of Internet Safety.  At school this week, w/c 07.02.22, we have been talking about this year's theme: All Fun and Games? Exploring Respect and Relationships Online. Please talk with your children about their use of digital devices and how they interact with others. 


As a school community, we have been subscribed to National Online Safety for some time now. They have an incredible bank of resources available for parents/carers, as well as many which we use in school. Please take a moment to check out their Safer Internet Day page:


Joining is free for parents using the below link:

We can highly recommend taking a look at their incredible plethora of guides to help us adults better understand our children's digital world.

Thanks for your support.


Mobile phones


Year 5 and 6 pupils may bring mobile phones into school after permission has been granted via Gateway. All phones must be switched off on site and handed in to the pupil’s class teacher; the phones are then stored in a locked cabinet within the school office.


You can give permission for your child to bring in a mobile phone via


Please find a copy of the mobile phone permission letter below:

Pupil Acceptable Use Policies

In this day and age the internet controls many aspects of our lives.  For this reason, teaching our children about the benefits and dangers of the internet is integral to the curriculum and school life. Our goal here at St John's is to equip every child with the tools to live a safe and successful life plugged in to the internet.


Please find some useful links below:

Please visit the links below for further information regarding E-safety