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Art & Design


At St John’s C E Primary School, we aim to develop our children’s love of Art and Design whilst delivering a high-quality education, in line with the National Curriculum. A cross-curricular approach is used throughout the school with Art and Design linking to other subjects to engage and excite the children.


In EYFS, Art and Design planning is guided by the children’s specific interests, whilst ensuring the required skills are covered. Children begin to explore colour, texture and manipulating materials in a variety of stimulating activities.


In Key Stage 1, children continue their learning journey with a combination of mark making, colour mixing, painting and observational drawing. Children also develop new skills through printmaking and photography.


In Key Stage 2, children add to their Art and Design skill set by learning new techniques in both 2D and 3D forms. Sketchbooks play a key part in their learning journey and children learn to develop drawing, collage and painting techniques in sketchbooks in preparation for final pieces.

Art Curriculum Map






Giving Meaning to marks

Exploring media/tools/techniques

Exploring colour and texture

Exploring tone: light/dark

Exploring mixing colours and manipulating materials

Year 1


Observational drawing of fish

Marking making, painting and drawing


Mark making, painting and drawing

Watercolour wash



Year 2

Drawing – line and shape


Stencils and Printing


Photography and Digital Design

Study of Quentin Blake

Year 3

Colour mixing

Watercolour exploration

Painting with natural materials

Sketching - using shading


Large-scale art

Year 4

Perspective: linked to ‘The Hole’

Turner focus on landscape


European Artists, including Monet

DT Focus

Year 5

Artists, Architects and Designers in History



Warhol and Hockney

Projects: Artists, Architects and Designers

Drawing: Charcoal

Year 6

Book illustrators – Oil pastels

Exploring sculpture

Henry Moore

Art & Sculpture

Exploring form

DT focus