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Art & Design

Art Learning Pathway at St John's

At St John’s C of E Primary School, we want our children to grow into confident artists, who are able to explore, experiment and create pieces in which they can express their feelings and personal identity.


We aim to engage and inspire by examining a wide variety artists and cultures, emphasising the importance of art as a form of personal self-expression, rather than the recreation or imitation of another artist’s work.  Consequently, we aim to enrich our children’s learning with a range of skills and design ideas based on the key concepts of colour, pattern, texture, line shape, form and space which develop from Year R to Year 6.


In EYFS, Art and Design is guided by the children’s specific interests, through a variety of fun, messy and expressive explorations. Children begin to explore colour, texture and manipulate materials in a variety of stimulating activities.


In Key Stage 1, children continue their learning journey with a combination of mark making, colour mixing, painting and observational drawing. Children will begin to use sketchbooks as a record of their thoughts and ideas.


In Key Stage 2, children add to their Art and Design skill set by learning new techniques in both 2D and 3D forms. Sketchbooks play a key part in their learning journey as children learn to annotate and evaluate their own work and that of others. Children learn to develop drawing, collage and painting techniques in sketchbooks in preparation for final pieces.


At St John’s we value the artistic journey rather than the end product.  We aim to enable children to have positive creative experiences and facilitate a growth in confidence which is strongly rooted in skill development.