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At St John’s C.E. Primary School our aim is to stimulate the children's interest and understanding about the past and to foster a love of history. We want our children to build a worthwhile understanding of British and World history and understand that the story of the past can be told in different ways. Children need to understand that history is created from the evidence that remains and that the process of being a historian is like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle; there are lots of pieces, not all from one box. With this in mind we want the children at St John’s to understand the ‘Big Story’ of how the past has impacted people’s lives, our nation and how Britain has influenced and been influenced by the wider world. Through our teaching we want the children to develop their understanding of the following concepts:











At St. John’s we want our children to become history detectives, hunting down clues and trying to solve a historical puzzle using the evidence available. During their time with us we want them to develop their chronological skills and learn how to make direct comparisons and connections between the historical periods they learn about from the topics that they experience.



The children will learn in a variety of ways, both in and outside the classroom and through cross curricular links with other subjects. Year groups will also enhance the children’s learning through trips, visitors, workshop days and by using a range of artefacts, sources and interpretations about the past.


As a school we believe “The more you know about your past, the better prepared you are for the future” T.Roosevelt”.

History Curriculum Map






Personal History

All About Me

Personal History

All About Me

Personal History

All About Me

Year 1

Battle of Hastings

William the Conqueror

Mary Anning


History of Tunbridge Wells

Year 2

Geography Focus

Great Fire of London

Leeds Castle

Roald Dahl

Year 3

Geography Focus

Stone Age

Ancient Egyptians

Year 4

Ancient Romans

Geography Focus

Ancient Greeks

Year 5


Geography Focus

Study of an

Ancient Civilisation

Year 6

Geography Focus

World War 2

Geography Focus/World War 2