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Music Learning Pathway at St John's

At St. John’s, we believe a high-quality music education is the right of every child in our school community.  We aim to develop a love of music whilst increasing self-confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement. 


Each child receives at least one hour of music teaching per week, although this may be delivered in shorter sessions throughout the week depending upon the age of the child or activity undertaken.  Through our scheme of work, Charanga Musical School, pupils learn to listen and appraise a wide range of musical styles, play and compose using instruments, and to perform regularly.  During their time in KS2, we aim for each child to receive at least 10 weeks of instrumental tuition in a whole class setting. 


In EYFS and KS1, the children enjoy singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes. They have the opportunity to play both tuned and percussion instruments which they use to create, select and combine sounds. They also listen and move to a wide range of music. 


Children in KS2 build on the skills acquired in KS1 so that, by the end of year 6, they sing and play with increasing control and self-confidence. They deepen their understanding of music in the world and the significance of music through history. Children are encouraged to explore their own musical preferences and discuss these with confidence. 


Music is an integral part of school life and singing can often be heard around the school: in assemblies, as children learn times tables and during French lessons.