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Communication with Parents




A fortnightly newsletter is emailed to parents via Schoolcomms on Friday. Other letters about particular events such as consultation evenings and Christmas concerts are sent home in the same way. All letters home are also available on the school website.


Schoolcomms is also an email messaging service that we use to inform parents quickly if

(a) the school has to shut early or cannot open because of, for example, snow or power failure
(b) a year group or class will be late back from a school visit
(c) an after-school club has had to be cancelled at short notice


If you move house, change telephone numbers, or change emergency contact names or telephone numbers, please inform the school office as soon as possible so that our records are up to date.

At the beginning of each school year we hold a "Meet the Team" meeting for each year group so that parents can meet all the staff who are working with their children. At these meetings we also discuss the organisation and routines for that particular year group.


In October, February and July, you are invited to visit the school and discuss your children's progress with class teachers and, if required, with the Headteacher.


We also offer the opportunity to attend “Sharing Learning” where you will be able to spend time with your child and look at their work. 


On Friday mornings, the parents of the children from the class leading that Assembly are invited to attend.


If particular problems arise during the course of the year, you are encouraged to come and discuss them with Class Teachers, one of our Assistant Headteachers, our Deputy Headteacher or the Headteacher at any time by appointment.