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Health Matters


Please see latest advice regarding Face Coverings here

Please visit our our COVID-19 FAQs page for more information about how the school is responding to COVID-19.


To read communications from the school in relation to COVID-19 please visit our Letters & Documents

Prescribed Medication

Please click here for the School Medication Form


If your child needs to have prescribed medication administered at school, you must complete a medication record form which ensures that there is no misunderstanding about dosage, timing, frequency, etc. The school medication record form may be downloaded (please see above), alternatively, spare forms are available from the office. We ask you to kindly bring the medication in the prescribed container / packet clearly marked with the child’s name and class to the school office.  It is essential that all medication brought to school is in date. Please ensure that you check the expiry date regularly.

Ongoing Medical Care

For those children requiring ongoing medical care, it is essential that parents liaise with the school regarding the child's condition and the care they may require during the school day so that a Health Care Plan can be put in place to ensure that all staff are aware of the individual child's needs.  Please contact Mrs Jane Gibby (SEND Manager) for further information.

Vomiting and Diarrhoea

This section is another reference to inform you that if your child has vomited or had a bout of diarrhoea whilst at home, we ask that they do not return to school until at least 48 hours has elapsed from the last episode, to avoid the risk of infecting other children in the class and to give your child time to recover.

Head Lice

NHS & Government Health Guidelines

Please see the following sites for NHS and Government guidelines, and useful information regarding schools and illness:


Public Health Agency - Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings


NHS - Is my child too ill for school? - School Exclusion for Infections

Flu Vaccine

The children's flu vaccine is offered as a yearly nasal spray to all primary age children to help protect them against flu. Primary school children will be offered their vaccination in school.


More information about the vaccine can be found on this page

YR & Y6 Height/Weight Checks

Dental Health

As part of the Kent 2018/19 dental survey 3097 children aged 5 years had their teeth examined in schools across the county between November 2018 and July 2019. For some children, this may have been the first dental check they ever received.


Approximately one in seven children were found to have tooth decay or cavities in their teeth. This ranged across the county from one in two 5-year-old children in Dover district to one in seventeen 5-year-old children in Ashford district. Parents of these children were notified and advised to visit a dentist for treatment.


The information collected in Kent will form part of the national data set. This will allow Kent County Council to better understand oral health and to target appropriate educational and promotional activity more effectively across the county. The next survey is expected to be undertaken in 2020 to 2021. 


Type 1 Diabetes - Diabetes UK




You can read more about the signs and symptoms of diabetes here.  

Healthy Eating