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Nurture at St. John's - The National Nurturing Schools Programme

Nurture at St. John's


We have recently introduced a Nurture approach throughout the school using our 3R's approach which brings together our belief in the value of relationships, regulation and restoration. The document below explains in greater detail the key elements guiding our approach:


  • 6 Principles of Nurture
  • Zones of Regulation
  • Restorative Approach and Script



Nurture approaches have been introduced to meet an identified need for support for children experiencing Social Emotional and Mental Health difficulties. Within classroom settings, these difficulties are communicated by children using a range of complex and challenging behaviours that can become a significant barrier to learning. As a result, their relationships for learning and social interactions start to breakdown. Without the necessary skill set, most commonly associated with positive life experiences, children demonstrate low expectations of themselves, their peers and have little trust in adults to help, value, teach and encourage them.  The research supported nurture model, has been identified as an approach that provides consistent, predictable opportunities to build secure emotional attachments. This ensures the children are given equity, enabling them to access the same successful learning opportunities as their peers. Following the 6 Principles of Nurture in the classroom creates an environment that benefits all children.


July 2023 - National Nurturing Schools Award

We are delighted to have received the National Nurturing Schools Award. Some highlights are included here:

The staff’s dogmatic and effective use of the Six Principles of Nurture, Zones of Regulation and the use of a Restorative Approach and Script have ensured that the school’s firm belief that every child is an individual with different needs and that it is their role to ‘Nurture the Potential in everyone’ is highly successful.  The assessor noted the school’s incredibly strong links with their families underpinned by the highly valued work carried out by Family Liaison Officer. The assessor commented that a highlight of the visit was the interview with pupils who were described as extremely articulate, knowledgeable and demonstrated a real understanding of nurture. It was clear they have experienced nurture on many levels from many staff. She finished by saying it was their descriptions of nurture that really made an impact: They described nurture as, ‘the thing that shows you care about people and they care about you’, and ‘Nurture is someone who scoops you up and makes you feel safe’.  


The full report can be read below. 

Please click here to see a video we received from Nurture UK