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Storytelling with our Reception children

Once upon a time George, the friendly, happy storyteller, came to visit St John's!


Year R were lucky to have a professional storyteller, George Hoyle, visit on Monday 3rd February to help celebrate National Storytelling Week. Everyone was in awe of his calming nature and his talent on the guitar and ukulele, as well as his storytelling, of course! George retold 'The Enormous Turnip' using songs, music, actions and many props from his story suitcase. Everyone loved it when he changed his hats to act out different characters in the story.


Having been inspired by George's storytelling, Year R then had the opportunity to create their own stories. They were shown the 'story hand' to help them remember all aspects of a simple story.


1. Where? Where does the story take place?

2. Who? A good story has at least 3 characters. 1 goody, 1 friend for the goody (a person or an animal) and 1 baddie

3. Once a upon a time. Start your story with the characters going something very normal.

4. Uh - oh! A problem. What goes wrong in your story?

5. Happily ever after. What happens at the end of your story? How is the problem solved?


Year R have become fantastic storytellers since. They cannot stop making up funny and unique stories which often follow their interests. 

Can you make up you own stories at home using the 'story hand'?