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Tag Rugby

On 12 June, St. John’s tag rugby squad competed in a tournament at St. Mark’s rugby grounds. There were 20 teams in the Year 6 tournament, some schools sending multiples of up to 4 teams;

St. John’s only sending  1. We had a pristine start, winning our first 2 games against Beechwood and Claremont A. On the 3rd  game, it was a seesaw of tries. Walking away with a 6-6 draw, we needed a good result to qualify for the major finals however our toughest game was next - Bishop’s Down. With the final 30 seconds to go we were 5-4 down, we needed a try! With a final run through, a dive for a point was taken… an unintentional tackle stopped it and fortunately a penalty try was given. It was a 5-5 draw. As we sat nervously biting our nails for the result of Bishop’s Down’s final game, we realised we were through to the majors. As we came first in the pool, we could compete for the cup. Next up was our semi-final, we were in a tragic situation losing 4-1 down but miraculously coming back with 4 tries leaving us with a hot win. Now that’s a comeback!  A final against Claremont awaited with our name written all over it. As they took a lead by 1 point we came back by 8 tries. WOW! Walking off the pitch, we celebrated triumphantly with our head coach Miss. McLaren.

We had won the tournament! 

By: Jake, Danny, Eliot R

Please can I add a massive thank you to the parents who supported the children in the torrential rain as well as Martin Croker for organising the event and providing training sessions for the team. - Miss McLaren